From hosting dialogue to presenting new dance, IMAGEO projects seek to build bridges in the cultural architecture of Guelph, and use performance to begin and continue important conversations.

6Q4A8813LRweb.jpgDance Class Research: observing communication
KMB_255.jpgCommunity Engaged Scholarship Institute: Engaged Practitioner in Residence
DWK_255.jpgImprovisations: with Dong-Won Kim
square_255.jpgWater Moves: animating water ideas downtown
IHgroup_255.JPGInvisible Hands: democracy research in motion
SCSP5girls_image-tile255.JPGSummer City Street Party: celebrating our creative community
Science_Moves_image-tile255.JPGScience Moves: connecting across disciplines
BoW_image-tile255.jpgBodies of Water: from dialogue to dance