IMAGEO artworks mobilizes innovation in educational and cultural experiences.




Opportunities for engagement in creative processes are carefully designed to push boundaries and re-define what is possible when people gather to learn through experience.

Dialogue is enabled through interactivearts-based tasks that can enhance and elevate skills for collaboration, communication and understanding, with the goal of building capacity to address complex and multi-dimensional issues.


IMAGEO artworks creates:

  • Innovative ways to express experiences through the collaborative creation of theatrical performance
  • A platform for diverse groups of people to explore issues from a starting point of curiosity, discovery and respect
  • Opportunities to promote integration, connection and relationship-development across disciplines, traditions and sectors through the experience of art
  • New methods of knowledge mobilization to support engagement in academic research
  • Entertaining, creative learning spaces in which to experiment with different forms of focused communication
  • Synergies between groups and organizations who are working toward similar goals and strengthening the impact of those programs through connection and ongoing exchange