From hosting dialogue to presenting new dance, IMAGEO projects seek to build bridges in the cultural architecture of Guelph, and use performance to begin and continue important conversations.

IMG_2149.JPG (1).jpgWasted?: performing food waste
6Q4A8813LRweb.jpgDance Class Research: observing communication
KMB_255.jpgCommunity Engaged Scholarship Institute: Engaged Practitioner in Residence
DWK_255.jpgImprovisations: with Dong-Won Kim
square_255.jpgWater Moves: animating water ideas downtown
IHgroup_255.JPGInvisible Hands: democracy research in motion
SCSP5girls_image-tile255.JPGSummer City Street Party: celebrating our creative community
Science_Moves_image-tile255.JPGScience Moves: connecting across disciplines
BoW_image-tile255.jpgBodies of Water: from dialogue to dance