"Unexpectedly Epic..."

The Summer City Street Party (or more affectionately referred to as the "Splash Dance") holds a special place in the memories of many Guelph residents. It was a magical night of celebration, surprises and late-night water dancing! As the event designer and choreographer, I was in awe of how everything came together, including the amazing audience response! In case you missed it, check out the video below:


Such a pleasure to have animated and celebrated this amazing public space! Special thanks to: Andrew McPherson & ECCODEK, Colleen Clack, Marcus Bell, Dave Horner, Marty Williams, Lynn Broughton, Mark Goldberg, the FAB5 Festivals team and the Nicholas Lambden Children's Foundation. Big respect to Steve and Matt from Red Tree Productions. Much gratitude to Dancetheatre David Earle for offering exceptional professional training as well the incredibly supportive mentor/apprentice program. And of course, my thanks to all of the dedicated and courageous "splash" mobbers ;)



streetparty_posterWEB.jpgPress Release for June 22, 2012:

Already a popular destination for winter skating, lunch time leisure, playful splashing and quiet reflection, Friday June 22nd will see Market Square transform into a space of fantastic summer celebration! With jazz improvisation, spoken word, site-specific dance and world music beats, this Fourth Friday will be one you won’t want to miss!

IMAGEO art works was commissioned to “animate Market Square” with site-specific dance choreography. The event grew to incorporate Georgia Simms' dance creations, as well as musical and poetic artistic contributions curated by the Fab5 Festivals team. These performances, by local professional artists, are inspired by an appreciation of this new public space downtown Guelph, and all that it represents – a beautiful place to connect with water, an exciting place to gather in the heart of the city and a civic space that is bursting with possibility. Featuring the sublime grooves of Juno-nominees Eccodek, the longest day of the year will turn into an inspiring, soulful and rhythm-filled night.

Carden Street will transform into the amazing community celebration space that it was designed to be. Bring your family and friends and your (water) dancing shoes to remember this solstice night!



Dancers Kelly Steadman, Jenna Oxley, Kerri-Ann Hutton, Jasmin McGraw, Megan O'Donnell and Georgia Simms in rehearsal for the event!