Invisible Hands

Borrowing the metaphor used in traditional economic theory, Invisible Hands explores the many unseen but influential forces that govern our collective decision-making and actions. The dancers investigate a shift from persistent patterns of conflict and blame to ways of being that can truly hold complexity and foster empathy, understanding and accountability.

Goddess_250.jpegThe inspiration for this piece began with ideas of transition, motivated by research conducted by Musagetes through community dialogues hosted in Guelph. An emergent theme in these dialogues was local democracy and the shared desire to create thriving systems of participation and co-existence to replace those of exploitation and separation.

Invisible Hands was presented as part of the Guelph Dance FestivalLocal Initiatives Series. The performance included a facilitated dialogue with the audience, encouraging the extension of important community conversations.

Friday May 31st, 2012

Dancetheatre David Earle, 42 Quebec Street, Guelph ON

 View the performance video HERE


[Photo of Goddess of Democracy, a statue by Ruth Abernethey at York University]



IHgroup_255.JPG Invisible Hands features dancers Georgia Simms, Lisa Bush and Andrea Lamarre as well as spoken word artist Kevin Sutton. Despite injury, Tanya Williams has provided invaluable input to the creative process as an outside eye.



IHgroup_255.JPGMusic selections for choreography include:

Transitions by Beastie Boys

Giant by The Bad Plus

Clarity by Jaron Freeman-Fox

[Photos: Peter Grimaldi]

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