IMAGEO offers workshop-based coaching that is purpose-driven, fun and innovative for different aspects of professional development, including presentation and evaluation.

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Any presentation, whether a team meeting, a lecture or a project report, is better received when attention is given to how information is shared. Like a performance, public presentations need to be engaging, authentic and dynamic in order to be effective.

Presenting in front of others can be a source of anxiety, but it can also be energizing when approached as an opportunity to communicate creativity and animate ideas.

Elevate your communication and presentation skills by focusing on:

  • self awareness and body language
  • efficient use of powerpoint and other digital presentation tools
  • rhythm, breath, flow and power poses



Evaluators often seek to understand the experiences of others. Using conventional, measurement-based tools when attempting to uncover certain kinds of experiences can leave evaluators with an incomplete story.

What other tools exist that can encourage greater engagement within the evaluation process and a more full representation of experience?

An arts-based evaluation approach can be a useful strategy for building relationships, collecting data and investigating change. Emphasizing the use of creative tasks that are designed to generate conversation and reflection, these approaches facilitate access to different qualities of communication, often because participants enjoy the process and are imaginatively inspired to contribute.

These approaches can also be applied in the context of reflexive practice, where individuals gain insight into dynamics and habits that impact their professional interactions.

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