From determining the scope of a research project to evaluating its success, arts-based research methods can be useful tools that bring new energy, diversity and interest to traditional approaches.

At any stage of a research project, it is possible to incorporate methodologies that increase interaction, relationship-building, knowledge mobilization, dialogue and engagement.

Collaborating with artists is key to the effective design and implementation of these methods. IMAGEO provides links to social artists who are able to work with researchers in this context.

Past projects include:

Improvisation and Creative Engagement: An Arts-Based Case Study on Non-Violence and Social Healing in Local Communities ~ with Dr. Lauren Michelle Levesque (2014)

Introduction to Arts-Based Research: A Curricular Resource ~ with Dr. Elizabeth Jackson (2014)

Arts-Based Knowledge Mobilization through Performance ~ with Andrea LaMarre and the University of Guelph Research Shop (2013)

Arts and Engagement: Integrating Arts-­Based Education Strategies and Tools into a Study/Practice of Civil Society ~ with the Institute for Community Engaged Scholarship (2012)