Facilitation is a process of offering, inviting, leading and listening. Whether a multi-stakeholder dialogue or a meeting of like-minded advocates, effective facilitation is critical to the progress and evolution of groups.

IMAGEO offers group facilitation experiences that are physical, energetic and animated using methods that draw on interactive, physical tasks to generate conversation.


Used with sensitivity, accessibility and a clear purpose, with careful attention getting things done, aspects of theatre and improvisation are integrated to promote meaningful engagement.

The skills that can be practiced are highly applicable in many sectors:

  • noticing qualities of interaction and becoming aware of body language and other unspoken communication in working relationships
  • working on specific deliverables within established timeframes with unfamiliar folks
  • designing and executing a plan, and responding to changes, as the need becomes apparent
  • communicating an abstract idea to others and turning it into “reality”
  • addressing insecurities about “performing” in public, similar to public speaking anxieties
  • receiving constructive criticism from your peers and using that criticism to improve your deliverables
  • building trust and support within a group