When we create the opportunity to engage in an issue with an artistic lens, what is possible? How does the conversation change?


Mobilizing research outcomes with an artistic approach can enhance dialogue and invite audiences to participate in the co-creation of knowledge and meaning. 

The focus on artistic products (what you can see and enjoy) and artistic processes (what you do not often see but is experienced by those in the act of creating) illustrates an engagement strategy that has the potential for exciting and innovative applications in the context of addressing complex and challenging social issues. 


The Wasted? Evening (2017) promoted interaction and connection among researchers, policy makers and community leaders through a shared experience of film and performance about food waste.

Invisible Hands (2013) animated research report themes generated by Musagetes, addressing moments of transition in Guelph-Wellington. The focus of this project was the tension in democratic relations between city staff and citizens.

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